Get Away From It All in El Nido

Photo by theworldtravelguy

Everyone knows about the breathtaking El Nido but not everyone knows how to enjoy it. So let us help you out -

Where to Stay?

This will define your trip so it will depend on what kind of trip you are looking for.

If you want to relax, be pampered and spend most of your time lounging, getting massages, and being served, you can isolate yourself in one of the four luxurious El Nido Resorts. Our favorite is Pangulasian Island because you can get the Pool Villa with a 22sqm private pool connected to its balcony offering fabulous views of the sea. Lagen Island has the famous water cottages built over the water, making you feel you have the whole ocean to yourself.

Staying at the El Nido Resorts means that you pretty much don’t leave the island except to go island hopping. The entire island is exclusively for your resort and you can’t come on the island unless you are checked in there. The hotel handles everything for you so you don’t need to lift a finger for anything.

If you want some action or if you like to explore, we suggest you stay in town. We love boutique resorts and the top 3 are Panorama Boutique Hotel and Maremegmeg Beach Club, which are more centrally located, and Angkla Resort, which is a more north of the island.

Every room in Maremegmeg is a suite with gorgeous views over the turquoise waters of Palawan that you can enjoy from your balcony or bed. The large windows and light, airy feel is complemented by the chic atmosphere and local Philippine décor inside. Angkla has a design that looks like it was lifted from the pages of a magazine, in all its airy modernity and understated luxury. Panaroma is an 8-room hotel with chic interior design that gives the place a warm and homey vibe. It also has a beach club where you can enjoy the best sunsets on the island.

What to Do

(aside from lounging on the beach and possibly in that order)

  1. Pick Tour C for island hopping. Tours are organized by itineraries and it’s really hard to pick just one. If you want to do two (which we suggest you do), our second choice is Tour A.
  2. Rent a kayak and go around on your own. You can ask your hotel which are the nearby beaches you can kayak to.
  3. Chill-out and enjoy the best sunsets at Panorama Beach Club.
  4. Rent a motorbike and explore the island.
  5. Eat vegan food (even if you’re not vegan) on top of a hill overlooking El Nido at The View and take a nap in one of the lounge chairs they’ve laid out for you. You will feel clean, healthy, and refreshed.
  6. Order fresh coconut any chance you get. You can put rum or ice cream (not at the same time obviously) inside!
  7. Sip cocktails at Maremegmeg Beach Club.
  8. Party with the locals at Sava Beach Bar.