Get 1 FREE CandyKit

      For every purchase of Php 5,000!

      Welcome to Splashclub!

      Our rewards program is designed to reward our loyal customers for their continued support in our brand!
      Here’s how it works: For every purchase you make on our website, you will earn Splashpoints that can be redeemed for rewards such as discounts and exclusive offers.

      Sand Tier (Under 25,000 total spend)
      3 points for every 100php

      Sea Tier (25,000php total spend)
      4 points for every 100php

      Sun Tier (75,000php total spend)
      5 points for every 100php

      You can also earn Splashpoints by referring friends, writing product reviews and much more!

      To get started, sign up to our rewards program and start earning Splashpoints by making purchases and completing missions. You can track your Splashpoints and rewards through your account dashboard on our website.

      As you accumulate Splashpoints, you can redeem them for rewards of your choice. You can choose from a variety of options, including discounts on future purchases, free shipping and other exciting exclusive offers that are available only to our Splashclub members!

       We really appreciate your continued support in our brand and we want to show our gratitude by rewarding our loyal customers with something new and exciting!
      Thank you for choosing Viajecito!



      A customer shall only be entitled to Splashpoints and Splashclub freebies upon successful registration as a Splashclub member.

      1 Splashpoint is equivalent to 1PHP

      *This conversion is redeemable through e-gift cards of 500, 700, 1000 Php denominations that may be applied to cart upon checkout. Conversion may differ when redeeming other rewards / freebies not via e-gift card. 

       A customer is entitled to a minimum of 3 Splashpoints for every PHP100 increment of purchased Viajecito products. (Please scroll up for points per tier status). Taxes, discounts, and shipping fees are not entitled to Splashpoints. 
      A customer shall only be rewarded Splashpoints once the order is marked as FULLY PAID.

      * Customers who opt for COD as their payment method will receive their Splashpoints once their order has been delivered.  
      Splashpoints will be cancelled for any orders that are REFUNDED, PARTIALLY REFUNDED, or VOIDED.
      To apply a discount reward, customers must click the “APPLY” button upon checkout and the discount will automatically be applied.
      Customers will earn Splashpoints for completing each mechanic.
      Please note that Splashpoints may take a few minutes before they appear on your account.
       VIP TIER ENROLLMENT: Customers who have placed orders from JANUARY 1, 2023 will be eligible for VIP tier enrollment already depending on the total amount cumulatively spent in the past.
      RETROACTIVE EFFECT: Customers who have already completed certain mechanics that entitle them to Splashpoints prior to the Splashclub launch date shall be awarded Splashpoints for these previously completed actions.
      (Ex: Leaving a previous review on our website shall entitle the customer to 10 Splashpoints, which will automatically reflect on the customer’s Splashclub account.)

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