Grey with Natural Lining and Grey Straps - Classic MIDI Tote

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All tote sets come with a standard nude lining insert. If you wish to purchase another lining please click HERE to shop separates.

All tote sets come with a standard nude, chocolate brown, or black rope straps. If you wish to purchase another strap color please click HERE to shop separates.

The Viajecito beach totes are ultra durable and perfect for traveling, or fun days at the beach. Made with EVA foam rubber body, and interchangeable inner linings and straps, the Viajecito beach tote can be customized to your preference, making it the perfect carry-all. The Viajecito Tote comes in two sizes; Standard, and MIDI. 

Dimensions MIDI:
  • Body: (L)13.3” x (W)4.7” x (H)11.4”
  • Straps: 24" (except Camel Yellow 27")


    After every use, you may rub the outside with any disinfectant or baby wipes. Be careful not to use extremely strong disinfectant as the powdery finish that you love may rub off over time. 
    For a more thorough cleaning turn your Splashkit inside out and wash the liner with soap and water. Leave kit open, inside out in a dry place to dry.
    Most of our Splash Collection accessories are waterproof and may be washed with mild soap and water mix and / or disinfectant wipes. For our vegan leather straps, a quick wipe with a damp cloth will do!
    1. Pick-up your strap or bag ears, flip it around to find their button sleeves.
    2. Line up each button hole with our Viajecito Original Splashkit Buttons
    3. Button them on like you would on a t-shirt!
    **To keep as sustainable as possible, all our button sleeves are made with excess fabric from our bag liners. It may take a couple of tries to get the snug sleeves on to your Splashkit, but you will get the hang of it!


    Hand wash liner or machine wash gentle in cold water. Leave to air dry. 
    DO NOT put in the dryer as shrinking may occur. 


    Hand wash straps or put in laundry net and gentle wash cold.

    After every use, you may rub with any disinfectant or baby wipes. For a more thorough cleaning, use a soft sponge with gentle soap and water mixture to rub off accumulated dirt.
    1. Unpack your canvas liner and lay it flat.
    2.  Unscrew strap knobs from the inside of your tote.
    3.  Line up the holes in your liner to the bag screws. Insert.
    4. From the inside, screw on strap knobs tightly so nothing is left loose. 
    5. To remove liner, repeat these steps backwards.

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